mercredi 28 avril 2010

You by Me #27 : Charles Coureau

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DeVaTe a dit…

Hi Bodard! As I comment in my blog I am trying to stop to make portraits to make caricatures... tell me please, when we draw portrait we start making the head way, the place of everything, but, when we draw cartoons we start from the detail more important???
I mean, we start for the detail? (nose, eyes, mouth or big teeth?) or we make same portraits with the head way??

Sorry is a few complicate to describe in english!


flats a dit…

Excellent work on here my friend, i thank you for your kind comments too

Grand a dit…

Jolie boulot mon poto !

Poussinaute a dit…

Ce garçon a une tête très sympathique et un joli sourire, ta caricature souligne la grande gentillesse dont il semble faire preuve. Cool !

NAYER. a dit…

Great style as always!
Viva Master Bodard!